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    As a team of around 300 people with extensive scientific and industry expertise, we have the capability to leverage the use of VR and AR to its full potential.

    The Leadership Team
    Pascal Stiegelmann
    Marcel Stiegelmann
    Abhijeet Bajaj
    Managing Director India
    Michael Burkart
    Technical Director
    Julian de Boer
    Head of Product
    Andreas Eichert
    VP Technology
    Andreas Hauber
    Technical Director
    Julian Hillig
    VP Commercial Strategy & Operations
    Marcell Holländer
    Associate Director of People Operations
    Andrea Kress
    Head of Finance
    Dr. Florian Schmitt
    General Counsel
    Patrick Pfirrmann
    Global Business Development Director
    Patrick Thumm
    Global Director of People
    Our Story

    realworld one’s Inception in 2017

    Starting out as the VR/AR development department at IKA, a team of incredibly talented software engineers, artists, chemists, pharmacists and industry professionals branched off to found a company focused not only on creating cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality software solutions for IKA, but also on expanding the implementation of the technology for companies in the life sciences, analytical and diagnostics, pharmaceutical, chemical and processing industries.

    Across the Globe

    At present, the company employs more than 280 people at its headquarters in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) and at other locations in Berlin (Germany), San Diego (USA), Austin (USA), Bangalore (India) and Guangzhou (China).

    The Future

    At realworld one, we are refining our technology in collaboration with leading companies and scientific institutions in order to push the boundaries of virtual and augmented reality applications in the fields of industry and science.
    Our Customers Include
    Virtual Reality
    Augmented Reality
    Content Creation

    Eco Friendly

    Collaboration without the travel

    realworld one is eager to protect our planet and to aid our customers on their journey towards developing sustainable operations. Our technology provides life-like communication possibilities between team members, clients or business partners separated by great distances around the world, without the negative ecological impact of air and land travel.

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