Interview with TECAN CEO Dr. Martyr @SLAS2019

星期三 - 13.02.2019


The Society of Laboratory Automatization and Screening (SLAS) celebrated their annual exposition in Washington DC, bringing together the most important names in the business. Tecan was one of the few using virtual reality to demonstrate their latest innovations.

”We created an environment with large workstations that we could not have brought to the show (…) It´s bringing something that would have been impossible to bring to a trade show and making it real and tangible and an exciting experience” – David Martyr, CEO of Tecan commented.

The interactive virtual reality experience created by realworld one presented Tecan´s laboratory automation workstation: the Fluent. This instrumentation breaks new ground, delivering high capacity and outstanding speed while maintaining precision and accuracy. Throughout the virtual experience, users learned about the Fluent´s function, operation and about the Labwerx customization options. ”I really understood how to handle the instrument. It´s amazing” – Dr. Nitin Kumar, an exhibition attendee noted after using the virtual reality technology.  

realworld one is a technology development company which focuses on creating practical applications for virtual and augmented reality in science and industry.  ”We are very excited about our collaboration with Tecan, our aim is to find everyday applications for virtual reality that will increase productivity and transport users into the future” – Pascal Stiegelmann, CEO of realworld one.