Welcome, GEA to realworld one!

Friday - 17.01.2020

Our mission is to create a revolutionary virtual reality marketplace for industry and science, integrating the most powerful information available.

Collaboration Kickoff of realworld one and GEA

realworld one and GEA Pharma have debuted the first preview of the virtual reality trainings created for GEA business operations at CPhI worldwide in Frankfurt, Germany from November 5th to 7th 2019.

GEA is one of the largest technology providers for not only the food and beverage processing industry, but also for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The corporation was founded in 1881, and has since then become a global market leader of innovative and sustainable solutions for sophisticated process industries.

Jim Holman, the Technology Management Director at GEA Group, shared with us the benefits he views of incorporating virtual reality into their operation processes:

“Virtual reality enables our customers to be able to interact and develop their trainings… as well as provide understanding of equipment without needing direct access to the equipment itself. An operator can be fully trained before the equipment has been delivered to site; therefore saving time and money.”

CPhI worldwide attracts thousands of industry leaders each year

The CPhI worldwide exhibition is a yearly exhibition that brings together over 45,000 visiting attendees and 2,500 exhibitors from 153 countries for the chance to network as well as expand the global market. 

From Tuesday November 5th to Thursday November 7th, approximately 200 visitors discovered the virtual training environment of GEA.

This was a great opportunity to share and learn about the innovations on the market. Virtual reality was received very well by visitors, and we are excited that training and maintenance processes in virtual reality were received with such enthusiasm.

GEA employees share the benefits they see achievable with virtual reality

From first time users to those already experienced with virtual reality, guests communicated how surprisingly intuitive interacting with the training scenario was. 

Furthermore, guests from various branches of business including sales, service, and project management were excited about the new possibilities virtual reality allows for.

For example, showcasing the details of large devices to customers or potential clients become a real possibility. Transporting devices or sending employees to conduct specific trainings are generally avoided, and employee time and costs are reduced.

Cait Boyd, a GEA Business Development Manager, spoke to us about the benefits of using VR is helpful in training auditors or the research and development team in locations across the world. She was thrilled that improved intimacy and knowledge of the product would now be available, that before was not possible.

realworld one x GEA Pharma at CPhI P-MEC in Dehli, India 

GEA Pharma and realworld one showcased the virtual reality training preview in Dehli, India at P-MEC from November 26th to 28th 2019. The virtual reality preview is the first step in integrating virtual reality by GEA as an innovative tool in training and maintenance.

More detailed and improved information is available via VR training, connecting branches across the world, in an environmentally non-impacting way.

43,000+ attendees and 1,500+ exhibiting companies attended the exhibition in Dehli, learning and sharing latest trends and innovations on the market. India has been a leader in the pharma machinery, technology and ingredients industries and we were very excited to take part in this.

We look forward to continue working together with GEA Pharma to create global training and maintenance tools with virtual reality.