VR is the future of E-Learning

Monday - 14.10.2019

Congenius Fachtagung 2019 E-learningCongenius E-Learning Excellence Conference September 10th 2019 in Hamburg, Germany. 

We believe Virtual Reality will be the future of learning. VR holds many benefits such as accelerating learning and providing education to more people around the world. Students are immersed in a safe and controlled environment and can enjoy a learning by doing method.

On September 10th 2019, Global Business Development Director of realworld one, Patrick Pfirrmann, gave a presentation with Kathrin Steiner from
Festo Didactic on the benefits of technical training in VR at the E-Learning Excellence Conference in Hamburg, Germany.

realworld one is constantly imagining more ways VR can change the world.

Our technology allows its members to effortlessly educate their personnel about the intricacies of their equipment. Virtual training has been proven to reduce new employee mistakes and to boost confidence. How can you imagine Virtual Reality impacting our world?

Check out photos from the Event below:

training without limits technical trainings in virtual reality