Virtual Reality in the Lab – Bringing VR to Labvolution 2019

Tuesday - 18.06.2019

The bi-annual Labvolution exhibition came to a close on May 23rd in Hannover, Germany. For three days, the world’s leading businesses and academic institutions from a wide variety of fields

– including laboratory technology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food and life sciences, biotechnology and medicine among others –

presented their latest innovations and exchanged ideas about the future of laboratory work. Thousands of visitors were able to experience the strides made towards technological progress in the modern laboratory firsthand, at over 300 exhibition stands.


The Flexibility of VR – Product sales and training applications  

In addition to our own booth, realworld one was also part of the presentations by Smartlab, Eppendorf, Tecan, QIAGEN and IKA. We supported these businesses with Virtual Reality experiences that were used to present product innovations in a creative and interactive fashion.

Visitors of the exhibition had the opportunity to delve into our VR environments and get their hands on the latest products of our partners in a virtual space.

They were particularly convinced of the potential of VR in the realm of product presentation and training. In this area of application, Virtual Reality can be utilized to effectively convey product functionalities to sales employees, by allowing instructors to disassemble and use any given product in a virtual environment.

This saves both time and money since employees from across the world can easily join in on virtual training sessions.
Furthermore, Jitendra Kumar, Director of Innovation and Technology at Thermo Fisher Scientific, sees the biggest benefit of VR in its application for training and educating laboratory personnel.  

“Instructors and trainees alike won’t have to worry about safety concerns when demonstrating how to safely handle dangerous chemicals” – Jitendra Kumar, Director of Innovation and Technology of Thermo Fisher Scientific

Similarly, Svenja Bolten, PhD candidate at the Institute for Technical Chemistry at Leibniz University Hannover, was convinced by the possibility to practice complicated experiments in VR, so that confidence with new products can be quickly and safely established.

Other visitors at our exhibition stands were particularly impressed by the possibility to have sales pitches on the VR platform.

Holding such meetings in a virtual space ensures that participants from across the world, be it executives from different company branches or customers from overseas, can discuss the latest products and conduct business in an intuitive and uncomplicated manner.

Towards the future 

With the Labvolution behind us, we are looking forward to further develop our collaborative VR platform and to continue being a driving force behind the integration of Virtual and Augmented Reality into the fields of science and industry.