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Thursday - 21.11.2019

realworld one and Festo kicked off their collaboration by creating virtual reality content tailor made for improving industrial automation processes. Festo is a global, German-based company with around 21,200 employees, invested in incorporating the newest technologies into their workflow processes.

Virtual reality for science and industry

realworld one is a virtual reality platform tailor made for industry and science. realworld one is considered a pioneer in developing VR software and is focused on supplying the laboratory and automation industry with virtual reality solutions.

“We found realworld one to be a very reliable, consistent, and quick-acting partner; and that is exactly what we were looking for.” – Mr. Regber Festo Didactic SE

What did realworld one create?

realworld one kicked off the collaboration by creating various multi-purpose virtual rooms for Festo. 

These included a work environment, a large conference room, a product innovations room, and a production hall which transfer Festo’s work processes into virtual reality.

Mr. Aust, innovation specialist at Festo, shared that virtual reality can save a lot of costs in production – especially through the avoidance of production errors.

realworld one composed interactive 3D visualizations of complex engineering equipment.

Virtual interactivity supports working with new machinery, speeds up the production of new prototypes, and allows for more innovative research and development.

virtual reality for industryrealworld one’s virtual reality software allows for interacting with production units with other users around the globe.

VR and the Industry

Festo Didactic SE, a branch of Festo concentrating on technical education, is a world leader in providing trainings for successful work in dynamic and complex industrial environments.

Festo Didactic SE is adopting new technologies for Industry 4.0; virtual reality is a strong tool for the industry of the future and supports sales/service, trainings, R&D and much more.

Learn more about Festo here: https://www.festo.com/group/de/cms/index.htm


Future work will be virtual

realworld one continues to look forward to supporting Festo in improving areas such as training, sales, marketing and others. As an environment-conscious company, realworld one is eager to protect our planet, and supporting our customers on their journey to sustainable operations.

Our technology provides the possibility to meet with business partners around the world without the negative impact to the environment. 
virtual reality we love our planet

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