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Monday - 14.10.2019

VR is the future of E-Learning

Congenius E-Learning Excellence Conference September 10th 2019 in Hamburg, Germany. We believe Virtual Reality will be the future of learning. VR holds many benefits such as accelerating learning and providing education to more people around the world. Students are immersed in a safe and controlled environment and can enjoy a learning by doing method. On September …

Friday - 16.08.2019

Virtual and Augmented Reality Set for Success in the Manufacturing Industry of the Future

Origin of VR/AR Applications in the Manufacturing Industry.  Manufacturing companies are currently experiencing a shift in operations. As new technologies are increasingly becoming integrated, researchers forecast digitization as a must for the survival of future manufacturing companies. The Management and Production Engineering Review explains that these smart factories “will be able to plan, organize, and even …

Friday - 05.07.2019

The Future of VR and MR – New Innovations of Oculus and Microsoft

Oculus VR recently released its new flagship Virtual Reality devices to great success. The Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift S are promising an exciting future for VR-based technology, due to their improved functionalities that open up new avenues for Virtual Reality to shape the way in which we interact and communicate in a work …

Tuesday - 18.06.2019

Virtual Reality in the Lab – Bringing VR to Labvolution 2019

The bi-annual Labvolution exhibition came to a close on May 23rd in Hannover, Germany. For three days, the world’s leading businesses and academic institutions from a wide variety of fields – including laboratory technology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food and life sciences, biotechnology and medicine among others –presented their latest innovations and exchanged ideas about the future …

Sunday - 16.06.2019

ACHEMA 2018 – A Retrospective Look

 This week marks one year since we at realworld one had the opportunity to present our Virtual and Augmented Reality platform to the general public for the first time. At the 2018 ACHEMA exhibition in Frankfurt, industry leaders from the fields of chemical engineering and the processing industry came together to present their latest …

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