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    June 16, 2019
    ACHEMA 2018 – A Retrospective Look

    Impressions from the ACHEMA 2018


    This week marks one year since we at realworld one had the opportunity to present our virtual and augmented reality platform to the general public for the first time.


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    At the 2018 ACHEMA exhibition in Frankfurt, industry leaders from the fields of chemical engineering and the processing industry came together to present their latest products and innovations.

    During these five days from June 11th to June 15th, we unveiled our software with the help of 30 VR and AR stations for visitors to try out.

    Taking the first steps towards a future of VR and AR

    The queues were long, as many curious visitors were eager to get their hands on the Oculus Rift VR devices and the Microsoft HoloLens AR glasses at our booth, to experience what realworld one has to offer.

    In total, 1700 people were able to step foot into realworld one over the course of these five days.

    Being able to fully immerse themselves in a virtual environment

    was a new experience for the majority of people, leading to an overwhelmingly positive response.

    Particularly well received was the function to communicate with other participants through virtual avatars on our collaborative VR platform.

    Such a feature is not only entertaining to the general public, but also extremely valuable to internal communication within a company, as many visitors who work in the manufacturing, chemical, food or pharmaceutical industry confirmed.

    They saw another great benefit in the possibility to train salespeople effectively in VR, since the technology eliminates the bottleneck of having to laboriously convey all the functionalities and the usefulness of a given product to sales personal.

    In virtual reality, such product trainings are as fun as they are informative, thanks to the highly detailed 3D representations of products that can be fully disassembled and interacted with.

    The same method can also be applied to great effect in the educational field and universities as well as the sciences. In this area of application, VR can be used to accurately portray molecular structures, in order to make discovery of new drugs easier for instance.

    Researchers and scientists can comfortably meet in VR to discuss the latest findings and visualize them in an interactive and detailed manner.

    Some of our partners such as Bronkhorst, Asahi Glassplant Inc., Binder and DWK also attended the exhibition and used this opportunity to present their latest product innovations on our collaborative VR platform.

    In doing so, they were able to creatively showcase all the intricacies and functions of their products by utilizing our custom-made, fully interactable 3D representations.

    Additionally, our augmented reality application was praised for enabling users to control laboratory equipment via digital overlays that appear in the field of vision of the person wearing the glasses.

    Furthermore, ACHEMA 2018 opened up many more productive partnerships to us.

    Following Our Vision 

    Fast forward one year, and a lot of progress has been made on different fronts. Continuous technical improvements in the fields of VR and AR such as the new Oculus Rift S allow us to steadily update our platform and applications, ensuring the best possible quality.

    We also continually improved existing features such as safety measures and added new functionalities to our platform this past year. These include the CAN functionality that allows its users to record and upload footage in VR, to be viewed for specific uses or audiences.

    There is also the functionality to upload and access 2D Data, such as PDFs and or presentations, to build up a library of knowledge on our shared platform.

    Ongoing appearances at exhibitions such as ACHEMA have helped us create new partnerships across the world and convince the general public of the value that VR and AR technologies can contribute to the workplace.

    We have expanded into an international team of 60 employees and are looking to grow even further by the end of 2019, aiming to provide up to 100 employees with meaningful work in the area of VR and AR development.

    2018 and the first half of 2019 have been a great time for us, and we would like to thank all the visitors at ACHEMA – and the various other exhibitions we were a part of – for their interest and support in our company. Our concept has been proven to work and, now more than ever, we are looking forward to continuing the growth of our platform and bringing together science and industry inside virtual and augmented reality!